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What is Pre-habilitation?


Author: Hannah Lewis- Yates Physiotherapy, Friday, 29th March, 2019

PRE-habilitationwhat does this mean?

Rehabilitation is a concept that is very familiar to most people – the process of regaining strength after surgery. But what is prehabilitation?

Undergoing major surgery can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. It is usually followed by pain, a loss of normal function and a decline in strength. This can negatively affect our health in many ways, both physically and mentally. Prehabilitation is the process of optimising the strength and function of a joint or joints prior to undergoing surgery, to minimise the functional decline seen postoperatively. This can involve strengthening exercises, aerobic training, specific functional tasks or a combination of all three.

Undergoing prehabilitation with a physiotherapist is a great way to mentally and physically prepare your body for a surgery. It’s a great time to ask questions, understand your level of function and set some goals ready to start your rehabilitation journey.


Hannah Lewis


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