Falls And Balance

Falls And Balance

Falls-related hospitalisation can happen at any age, however, is particularly common among the older population. In 2013–2014 the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare found that people aged 65 and over were 3-4 times more likely to be hospitalised for a fall-related injury when compared with 45–64-year-olds 

No matter your age, at Yates Physiotherapy our experienced staff will help you to improve your coordination and balance to get you back on your feet and maintain an active lifestyle. 


Falls and balance sessions will help to:

· Improve balance and coordination

· Increase general strength

· Reduce your falls risk

*Note: All new clients will require an initial assessment prior to attending group classes.

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“Our physiotherapists can help with your rehabilitation program after a fall, or help you to gain the strength and coordination to be safer in your home without becoming a statistic.”