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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is client-centred and focuses on the needs of the individual; it values independence, productivity and wellbeing.

Occupational Therapy enables people to participate in everyday tasks and activities they find meaningful; and where possible, it assists in improving their ability to perform these activities. These include self-care tasks, such as showering, dressing, preparing food, as well as productive activities such as work, education and caring for others, plus social and leisure activities, including engaging in a hobby and interacting with their community.

Occupational Therapy may enhance a person’s life by increasing their sense of independence and self-esteem, as well as their emotional, physical and social wellbeing.

Occupational Therapy may assist in several areas including when recovering from an operation or illness, mental health problems, physical disabilities, and the older population.

Yates Physiotherapy specialises in supporting older clients remaining as independent as possible in their own homes. They are also a registered NDIS provider.

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Services available/ what we can do for you

At Yates (Physiotherapy) our experienced team provide the following services:

Adaptive techniques

Assessment and application of ergonomic principles, energy conservation, and simplification strategies. Correct manual handling techniques are critical to safety and reduces the risk of accidents and injuries.

Common risks in manual handling tasks are:

  • Poor postures whilst carrying loads or moving a client and performing repetitive movements.
  • Lifting a client inappropriately or using equipment incorrectly
  • Poor planning and carrying out more lifts than required
  • Poor communication during transfers between carer and client

A customised plan is generated from a comprehensive transfer assessment, which includes:

  • Analysis of all transfers and the environment, including floor surfaces
  • Assessment of the client’s cognitive and physical function
  • Manual handling instruction and recommendation of appropriate equipment

Assessment for adaptive equipment or Assistive technology, to increase independence, ease and safety of a task.

Some common adaptive equipment is prescribed to improve:

  • Independence and participation in daily activities, for showering, dressing, grooming, washing, cooking and gardening
  • Mobility by shower chairs, toilet seat raisers, walking aids, wheelchairs, electric recliner chairs, power chairs and electric beds.
  • Environmental conditions by pressure care cushions and mattresses, lifting equipment.

There are four levels of assistive technology

Basic assistive technology
Level 1
Standard assistive technology
Level 2
Specialised assistive technology
Level 3
Complex assistive technology
Level 4

Yates Physiotherapy are able to assess Levels 1 and 2.

Environmental modifications

Home modifications may be a critical factor in in maintaining independence, increase safety and reduce risks. These are changes to the fittings or layout to allow tasks to be performed more easily.
Some common home modifications:

  • Reduction of trip hazards (e.g. floor mats and rugs, clutter)
  • Grab rails in bathrooms and entrance areas
  • Modifications to allow better access to various areas of the home
  • Customised access ramps, platform steps and landings (according to Australian standards)

The NDIS assists participants to achieve their plan goals by funding a range of home modifications. They are categorised according to level of risk, extent of construction (non-structural or structural), cost and complexity. The three broad categories are Simple home adaptions, Minor home modifications and Complex home modifications. Yates Physiotherapy are able to assess for the first two categories.

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