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A woman receiving a shoulder massage from a massage therapist.

"Looking to relax or release muscle tension? Our therapists will provide soft or firm techniques to ensure that you gain the most benefit out of each session. Remedial massage is great to improve flexibility, circulation, tissue healing and general maintenance."

How can sports & remedial massage treatment help you?

Whether you have tense muscles, recent or ongoing pain, or simply need to relax, our trained remedial massage therapist can help you restore physical and mental health.

At Yates Physiotherapy, we aim to support you by enhancing your general health and well-being, leaving you feeling better than when you walked in.

Our sports and remedial massage therapists take the time to listen to your concerns, resulting in tailored treatments for each patient. We also work with other health professionals, such as physiotherapists, to create comprehensive patient treatment plans.

People have been using remedial massage for a long time to help relieve muscle tension and improve blood and fluid flow. The technique helps reduce stress and tension in your muscles, tendons, and joints. This helps your body's natural healing processes and speeds them up.

It’s important to note that while remedial massage treatment can be of either deep or soft intensity, it differs from other forms of relaxation massage. Whether for injury prevention or treatment, both remedial and sports massage have their place in modern medicine.

Every remedial massage therapist is an expert at assessing your current condition, taking note of any changes, and creating an individualised strategy for your care.

Remedial Massage Benefits

Increase flexibility
Increase better blood circulation
Improve heart rate
Assisting in lymph nodes fluid drainage
Improve physical performance (pre-sport)
Promote faster recovery time (post-sport)
Assisting relaxation (reduce stress)
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A woman receiving a back massage from a massage therapist.

What Conditions Will Our Massage Therapist Help With?

Remedial massage tries to heal chronic pain and ease muscle tension. Because it calms and soothes, this type of massage suits everyone, especially people with health problems.

Remedial massage uses various techniques depending on your objectives and intended results. Even though remedial massage is often relaxing and helpful, there are times when your massage therapist may put pressure on areas that could be uncomfortable.

This is different from sports massage, which can cause pain that lasts a lot longer. Remedial massage is advantageous for the following reasons overall:

Improve flexibility
Increase better blood flow and circulation
Assisting in lymphatic drainage
Improve activity performance (pre-sport)
Aid in recovery (post-sport)
Assisting relaxation (reducing stress)

How Can We Help?

    Our team of skilled Adelaide remedial massage therapists eagerly anticipates the opportunity to provide you with exceptional service

    How Often Should I Get a Remedial Massage?

    Determining the frequency of remedial massage sessions at our Yates Physiotherapy in Adelaide is a personalised process that considers your unique health conditions, recovery time, lifestyle and personal wellness goals. For individuals in physically demanding jobs, athletes, or those facing chronic pain or stress, more frequent sessions, such as bi-weekly or even weekly, could be beneficial for self-care.

    On the other hand, for general wellness maintenance, a monthly remedial slow deep tissue massage is sufficient. Many patients simply want a regular massage program from our remedial massage therapist to ensure their ongoing health and well-being.

    Regular massage therapy also works well alongside other treatment methods such as physiotherapy or chiropractic care. Our skilled and highly experienced therapists are here to help guide you on this wellness journey.

    A woman receiving remedial massage on her shoulder from a massage therapist.

    What Are the Health Benefits of Remedial Massage?

    There is no doubt that remedial massage offers numerous health benefits. The therapy enhances blood circulation by identifying trigger points, facilitating efficient nutrient delivery to muscle cells, aiding in healing, and reducing inflammation. It alleviates muscle tension and will improve sleep and posture.

    By assisting in lymphatic drainage, this treatment also supports your immune system. In addition to chronic pain and stress relief, remedial deep tissue massage can also improve flexibility and joint mobility. Basically, it's an all-encompassing approach designed to improve overall health and well-being.

    How Does a Sports Massage Work?

    By using fluid movements, sports massage tries to stimulate blood supply, lower blood pressure, assist fluid flow, cleanse the muscles, and release tight or damaged areas of the body due to sports injuries. A pre-game sports massage can help athletes and sports fans warm up their tissues and flush out their muscles to provide the best flow possible for performance.

    Following a game, toxins are eliminated from the muscle fibres using a similar approach. Sports massage is typically symptom-focused, and this is where it applies to people who don't participate in full-time sports.

    With a focus on both the cause and the effect, a sports massage can help with muscle or connective deep tissue problems associated with sports injuries, i.e., feeling tight. By relaxing muscle tissue trigger points, the method provides some relief from painful or uncomfortable locations incurred during sports injuries.

    Sports massage is beneficial for the following:

    Athletes and sportspeople
    Injured individuals
    Sports injuries avoidance / preventative measures
    Post-injured individuals
    People who prefer a stronger massage
    Circulatory issues
    Remedial Massage Therapy

    Still not convinced to get that initial appointment? Here are a few ways remedial massage can benefit you:

    A woman receiving remedial massage on her back from a massage therapist.

    Areas Served:

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    Encourage blood flow

    Massage therapy encourages blood flow to the tissues being treated by stimulating the circulatory system. Increasing blood supply to the area helps to speed up the healing process and repair deep tissue damage.

    Increase joint range of motion

    Our relaxation massage therapists will work on muscle fibres around any affected joints, helping to aid joint mobility and restore movement, especially if you’re feeling tight.

    Release muscle tension

    Working to release tight and overworked muscles, our remedial massage therapist will help to reduce spasms and assist in deep tissue regeneration in sports injuries.

    Aid in the treatment of health disorders

    Common health issues can be treated with massage and trigger point therapy including sporting injuries, muscle cramping, frozen shoulder and whiplash. Research also shows that massage can aid in relaxation, helping to treat insomnia and anxiety.

    Stress relieving

    Remedial massage benefits include the promotion of a decrease in cortisol (the hormone produced when we are stressed and in pain). Massage also promotes an increased level of serotonin and dopamine to improve your mood, encourage relaxation and relieve your pain. Massage reduces both emotional and physical stress. This includes pregnancy massage.

    Book your remedial or relaxation massage appointment now and start feeling better right away!

    Looking to book online a sports or remedial massage Adelaide therapist? Our specialised massage techniques, including trigger point therapy, can help reduce muscle tension and improve circulation to facilitate deep tissue healing. Book your initial appointment today!

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