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Reformer and Mat Physiotherapy

Reformer and Mat Physiotherapy

Reformer and Mat Physiotherapy are adapted versions of clinical pilates that are supervised by a trained physiotherapist following assessment of individual client needs. Clinical Pilates is a unique philosophy developed in the 1920’s by Joseph Pilates to help rehabilitate wounded war soldiers in Germany. Over the years it has progressed to help aid the general population to manage and prevent injuries. Often referred to ‘core strengthening’ our physiotherapists will guide you through a program that focuses on ‘functional strengthening’, specifically tailored to your short and long term goals.


Reformer and Mat Physiotherapy can assist with:

· Improving core strength and flexibility

· Optimizing overall posture

· Reduce stress on the joints to promote tissue healing

· Injury Prevention

· Improve co-ordination and balance


*Note: All new clients will require an initial assessment prior to attending group classes.

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“Reformer and Mat Physiotherapy have many proven benefits and aims to strengthen the core muscles that help with functional stability."